Thursday, 7. 9. 2017

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The Cotton Path – In the Footsteps of the World Economy

Narration: Meta Krese, photographs: Jošt Franko

“Clothes for humans” was one of the most recent Benetton campaign slogans. Their colourful ads feature individuals from various parts of the world wearing colourful clothes of simple shapes. These ads celebrate friendship, distinctness and life connected to nature. And more! Their website states that the company stands for a fairer and better world. But is that really so?

We will be following first-hand stories on cotton production, as well as stories of people from Burkina Faso, Arizona, Bangladesh and Romania who stand behind the shirts, jeans and other items from our everyday lives.

In 2015, Meta Krese and Jošt Franko began researching the global cotton path with the support of The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. As they followed cotton, they were taken to Western Africa, the United States, Southeast Asia and peripheral areas of the EU.

Production: Divja misel / Vodnik Homestead, a house of reading, writing, and storytelling

© Jošt Franko © Jošt Franko
© Jošt Franko
© Jošt Franko