Sara Renar, a Croatian singer/songwriter, author of one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year both in her homeland and in the region, an IMPALA nominee and Porin winner.

At the Indigo festival she will present a radiophonic theatre project – Where Do You Draw the Line? It brings together the acoustics, the wondrous and recognizable style of the songwriter Sara Renar and the questions of the line between what’s private and what’s public, what’s personal and what is not, as well as the direction those decisions could take us.

Even though it follows a certain framework and sticks within certain limits, every single performance is in the end a unique result of the moment. Utilizing a live concert, loops that were recorded live and samples that were prepared in advance, neither the musicians nor the audience are no longer sure which sound comes from what performer. It is exactly within this space of vague borders that the most interesting things become possible – brilliant, unexpected solutions as well as pure chaos.

© Marko Mihaljević